The Broken Men Foundation and Youth Academy were created with one mission — to build better men. The purpose of this non-profit organization is deeply rooted in our shared obligation to empower, uplift, educate, and contribute to those broken men who are otherwise destined to be statistics. Our foundation is geared toward holding men accountable for their actions and enabling them to become productive members of our community. 

Your support can help us to accomplish these important goals of building a better community by building better men. Your contribution will help directly with the following: -- suits, ties, shirts, socks, shoes, bus tickets and gas (getting men ready for the workforce and church)
-- lodging, meals (providing safe havens for men and their families before anger turns to rage or violence)
-- meetings, forums (enabling men to speak truthfully, without fear of reprisal, about their lives and the challenges they face around relationships, work, children, and their sense of purpose, direction, and fulfillment)

Let’s begin now. Let’s change our tomorrow by building better men today. Alone we struggle, but together we can move mountains. With your help, the Broken Men Foundation will guide men back to a path of productivity by providing them with the support network and tools to face their life burdens, heal, and move forward.  I am asking for your support. Please send a check made payable to The Broken Men Foundation or make an online donation at Your tax-deductible contribution will help us make a difference in the community today and for generations to come.

Please give me a call at (804) 519-5535 if you’d like additional information about our organization or its mission. Problems become opportunities when the right people join together. Thank you for helping to make a difference in the life of a broken man.

Ellery Lundy