Mission and Vision will be teaching men through our program how to take back the community, leading in a positive way. While extending our hand to the youth "Raising Boys To Men".

Broken Men Foundation discusses issues dealing with men who have had bad relationships. That hurt and pain may have caused them to become stagnant and disconnected with life's situations. Men have a tendency not to communicate. We act out in different fashions sometimes resulting in domestic violence, becoming abusive parents or worse. Men have to be more accepting of knowing  they aren't alone in this walk and that it's okay to talk about the past and move forward. So join me in this quest of "How to take Broken Men and make Better Men". While transforming the youth to be productive citizens teaching them the basics of life skills and life lessons. Given them the necessary skills to avoid jail and become our leaders in the future. Raising boys to men and providing support to men within our community who are otherwise destined to be a statistic.

Founder/ President

Ellery Lundy

The journey of men can lead to a lot of different experiences. We must be willing to restructure our minds in order to become better men. Which one of these pictures can you relate to?

Ellery Lundy

  do a lot to improve life for communities in need!


     Consist of given time where needed. Broken  Men Foundation will voluntarily give ourselves for a service that will benefit the community.

Recent Programs

    Broken Men Foundation Youth Academy Is located at 101 Cowardin Avenue Suite 103

Richmond,Virginia 23224. The sessions are usually every Thursdays, at the beginning of each year starting in February. Please bring your child if you would like for us to assist with some life changing guidance.

Mission & Vision