We had a great time at Morningstar Baptist Church. Special thank you to Pastor Brown for the invite.

Teaching young men to be better men as they develop. Life skills and lessons that will take them along way.

Getting back to the basic the willingness to         learn if we are willing to teach. Some tools       these young men have to know as they mature     into young adult.

Here are a couple of my young men doing a performance at Church(Broken Bread Ministry). I am so proud of them as the journey continues.....

Youth outing teaching them about life lessons and communication skills. They are  our future lets make it count.

Enjoying a fun day with these young men who are eager to learn and want knowledge of being great one day. LOL I was going in on them what a great day.

Mentoring program from Broken Men Foundation also consist of reaching out for the younger generation. Teaching younger men who will eventually be grown men to be productive in society.